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New Orders & Deliveries

New Orders

It usually takes me 1 business day to process and ship an order. The site accepts payment through a secure PayPal payment processor. Besides PayPal payments it also accepts major credit/debit card payments such as Visa and MasterCard.

Shipping & Costs

I can ship your order to any location. For all artworks you will not cover any additional shipping charges beyond the price you will see stated in the gallery. You can see the expected shipping times for your country within the description of each artwork.

Returns & Exchanges

Your satisfaction is my top priority. If an artwork does not quite match your expectations I'd be happy to accept a return or exchange within a week from the delivery date. For more information please read the description of each item in the gallery.

About me


Not a day goes by without me holding a brush, looking to capture a moment of beauty, warmth and joy. I've loved painting ever since I was little. I moved a lot and lived in several wonderful cities. But no matter where I've been I was always painting. It became an inseparable part of me.
I've graduated as a graphic designer. Have finished several courses on drawing and dedicated years to mastering acrylic, aquarelle and oil painting techniques as well as graphic sketching with pencil, indian and regular ink, charcoal and others.
Starting a new painting on a blank canvas fills me with purpose, happiness and true satisfaction. I get a certain happiness when my work provokes an emotion in someone else. When they find something personal in it. Someone can pass 10 paintings and just one may catch his eye. As if it whispers personally to them. It may be the color palette or the idea, or the feeling it provokes. This is stll magical to me.
When I look for what to paint next I look for a scene or a composition that lights a spark in me. Then I play my favorite records on, spread the colors around me and surrender to the feeling of doing what I love. Distracted occasionally but my curious cat, looking to share her opinion on my work.

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