Swan Lake
Oil Painting
Size: 50x40cm

Original Oil Painting on Canvas

Size: 19″ x 16″
Size: 50 x 40 cm

*My paintings are 100% made by myself. You will purchase the exact same painting as the one shown in the photo.

*The painting is not framed.

*Shipping: Free. Worldwide.



Swans are associated with fidelity, loyalty in marriage, and monogamy because they mate for life.

Swans on the water are always graceful creatures. Reflection of the swan in the water makes the picture attractive and beautiful. After the hustle and bustle of big cities, we need to put our eyes somewhere to feel a surge of strength and charm. This work is about this.

You can order this original today. Still, if you want to order a custom painting, there are two options to send me your specific preferences:

  • contact me at contact@amomentofjoy.art
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